Ricardo Gorski

Ricardo Gorski

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    What are your services and skills?
    My services and skills are marketing and business related. I offer marketing consultation and the creation of highly efficient organic marketing campaigns. With my team, we also take over the operations of SEO work and video marketing.
    What are your references?
    My references are my own affiliate projects that I build since 2016, my personal brand and client work results.
    How much do you charge?
    My services are individually tied to every client, and thus the prices vary as well. I usually work with corporate clients and my work is perfectionist, so I charge prices that are fair for both sides. I also make the pricing very transparent, so you know what exactly you are paying for.
    Is there a minimum budget to cooperate with you?
    Yes, the minimum budget for my time is 200€ per hour and my monthly services start at 1.000€.
    How can I learn more about you?
    You can learn more about me by watching some of my videos on YouTube or TikTok, and you can reach out to me via my contact form above.

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