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Ricardo Gorski


Did you burn yourself with traditional agencies?

Marketing campaigns make or break a business. Traditional agencies follow outdated guidelines and can’t deliver outstanding results.


Ambitious marketing campaigns are designed to increase brand awareness and generate highly relevant leads, organically.


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Ambitious marketing campaigns are created by visionaries and lateral thinkers who don't follow the rules. We are confident in our work, because we deliver extraordinary results on a regular basis.

What clients and business partners say about me:

“Ricardo is a passionate marketer who delivers results. His biggest strength is search engine optimization. Together we had great results, both for our clients and for our own projects.”
Richard H., Finixio Ltd.
“Ricardo Gorski is a passionate and highly experienced marketing consultant. We worked together with Ricardo on several projects and his expertise in Search Engine Optimization helped us immensely.”
Dario K., MySecondEar
“Thanks to Ricardo Gorski's SEO expertise we could grow our organic traffic drastically.”
Ralf S., Hansaplast

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