About Ricardo Gorski: YouTuber, Entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant

“I didn’t come here to take part, I came to take over.”

Ricardo Gorski

My Story

In 2018 I finished high school in Germany. Then I moved to Bali, Indonesia. In Bali, I scaled my first real business, which I started on the side during school.

Why Bali?

Well, because I wanted to isolate myself from distractions and focus on my goals. In Bali, I created several affiliate websites across different industries and I offered SEO services for clients.

Ricardo Gorski

I created a platform to automate client work with 5 employees. However, I didn’t like working with so many clients at the same time. We sold the Agency and the platform in 2020.

Back in Germany, I also sold most of my smaller web projects, so that I could focus on my main project. From working with 100+ clients and managing a dozen web projects, I am now very careful with my time and where I spent my energy.

After some weeks in Germany, I decided to move to an island again. But I wanted to stay in Europe, so I moved to Cyprus. Here in Cyprus, I started a YouTube channel, which is now my #1 passion, as I always wanted to share my journey with other people, inspire upcoming entrepreneurs and create a legacy.

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