Ultimate Guide for
Personal Branding

How to build a brand,
from home.
Ricardo Gorski

Building a Personal Brand

Ricardo Gorski has a combined following of over 200,000 across all Social media channels. Ricardo is now teaching you how to build a successful brand on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

In my Ultimate guide I will teach you how you can create highly engaging content that is destined to go viral and generate views, likes and comments which can easily be converted into customers.

What is the
Personal Branding Coaching?

  • Teaching on Video Creation Fundamentals
  • Ebook about Camera Equipment
  • Insider Tips on how to REALLY go viral
  • How to build a Brand Organically
  • Direct access to me
  • Monthly calls
  • Weekly A/B tests to see what’s working, and what not
  • Analyzing your videos and optimizing them for more views
  • New trending songs every week
  • Catch trends, before they take off!

Creating content that gets no attention is
energy draining and demotivating.

Do you want to go viral?

Creating content costs a lot of time. Researching, strategizing, creating, editing and uploading. That’s why it’s important that you are working on content that generates a high ROI.


If your videos get less than 1.000 views, it’s not even worth the energy.


Most advice that you will find online about going viral doesn’t work. Everyone tells you the same outdated “hacks” and “tricks”.


Digital marketing is dynamic and fast, and you always need to be up-to-date.

Going viral once is luck, going viral
all the time is a skill.

Reach out to me
If you are interested in becoming an internet rockstar, you first need to reach out to me to see if there is a spot left for you.
Learn the fundamentals
We will have a strategy call and I will give you access to the videocourse and ebook about the fundamentals of creating high quality content, and going viral.
Grow your brand
We will start creating content, monitor and tweak it and your account will grow like never before!

Go viral, over
& over again.

Proven & guaranteed increase in views, likes and engagement. We help you to create the most engaging videos that will go viral and generate more sales!


I generated multi-millions of views with specific concepts and strategies. Successful content is predictable, if you know what to do.


I will reveal my exact strategies that can be applied to almost any industry. Learn how to create high quality videos that your audience will love.


Warning! Turn off your notifications, because they will blow up.

Generate more leads, sales & revenue.

It becomes harder and harder to stay relevant. Attention is the new oil and one of the scarcest assets in the new world.


First you will learn how to become an independent content creator and grow your own brand.


Then you will learn how to monetize your videos and increase your revenue.


Every view can be turned into a lead and every lead could be your customer. This is your opportunity to create something big!

Sell more products!

Selling more products organically with video marketing has never been that easy, and cheap.


The only investment you need to do is creating amazing content, and the algorithm will push your videos to millions of people.


And if you then have a clear Call to action, people will discover your products and turn into customers.

The realest Case Study
you will read.

Why believe me? Well, because I have 2 big TikTok accounts and 1 YouTube account myself. And I’m not even putting effort into it.

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    What is the Personal Branding Coaching?
    The Coaching includes a 101 Step by Step Explanation on how you can create successful content under your own personal brand. Furthermore, you will learn how to generate your first 100,000 followers.
    Why should I join your Mentorship?
    Because I have a track record of viral videos with millions of views myself, and I am assisting 5 other content creators build their brand. I created a formula that will guarantee a successful personal brand.
    For whom is the Coaching?
    For individual content creators and for businesses. Content creators will learn how to monetize their audience and businesses will improve their brand and product awareness drastically.
    How much will it cost?
    The price is individually tight to your goals. The prices start at 5.000€ for 3 months.
    What will be included in the Coaching?
    I have a fundamental crash course about content creation and recording/editing videos. Also, an ebook about the exact equipment I recommend. And of course the monthly calls with up-to-date secrets to creating better content.

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